We have changed the date of our Rendezvous this year.  With the flooding issues and now Covid-19 we have decided to delay our Rendezvous until the end of July. If you are on Facebook, see the event at

In May each year, the Plainsmen sponsor a “rendezvous” normally held on Private land by Kindred, ND. During the great fur trade, a rendezvous was the time all the trappers would get together to sell their furs and buy supplies from the “traders” who would bring supplies to the rendezvous site. At the rendezvous, the men would renew old friendships and engage in various competitions to test their skills of every kind and character. There are black powder clubs in every state of the United States, in Canada and even in Europe. There are several rendezvous held annually in our region, including Bemidji, Perham, Detroit Lakes, and Gary, South Dakota. At each rendezvous, a “living history” or period encampment is set up and participants dress in period clothing and use period equipment. An area is also usually set aside for people to camp in modern tents or campers, known as “tin tepees.” This allows people to participate who for a variety of reasons choose not to have a period camp. There are events where only period correct camps are allowed on site. The sponsoring club runs many activities, usually over a weekend. There are “national rendezvous” around the country that last a week or more. For example, at the Plainsmen’s club rendezvous, there are a variety of shooting competitions. There are also competitions in hawk and knife throwing, primitive archery, games for children, cooking contests, homemade wine judging, fire starting contests, and many other activities. Participants, sometimes called “buckskinners” come from the whole region, including Canada.


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